White Rabbit Bakery was born in March 2020 out of a dream of creating high-quality plant-based products that anyone would fall in love with.

Our founder was born and raised in Denmark, where the food scene is always evolving and the cake culture plays an important role in the way people spend time together. She wanted to increase the offering of specialty sweets in Zürich and add her touch to the growing plant-based scene.

3 things you should know:


Plant-based and Scandinavian: We are Switzerland’s first plant-based and artisanal bakery specializing in Scandinavian rolls and buns of all kinds made with the most fluffy brioche-style dough. We are always working on the next awesome thing, we are here to innovate, and we bring an immense passion for good food and baking!


Locally sourced: We mainly work with amazing local companies based in and around Zürich. All our flour comes from Maismühle Landoldt in Näfels, our chocolate comes from Kürzi Kakao in Zürich, and we work closely together with Das Pure in Wetzikon for miso and specialty ingredients. The list of local Swiss suppliers goes on.

Community is a huge part of our approach to doing business. By collaborating with local companies, we make sure to have the freshest produce possible and ensure ethical integrity throughout our supply chain.


Organic Production: Everything is freshly hand-made using only the best ingredients. We are currently 95% organic and we are always looking to increase this. We value health and food safety highly. Hence, we have made it a priority to make sure you can enjoy our products while knowing that there are no nasty ingredients in your treats and that the soil used for growing the crops are not damaged, leading to the freshest, cleanest taste possible

Where to find us?

We work with different resellers in and around Zürich.
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Custom Orders

Need custom-made cakes for your special occasion? Call or write us an e-mail letting us know what you’d like - we are looking forward to hearing from you.​
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