1 Year of WRB

Can you believe it? 1 year (and some weeks) has passed, and I am only now taking the time to really reflect properly on everything that’s happened since March 22 2020 when I uploaded my first Instagram post and had no clue what was in store for this passion project of mine.


I moved to Switzerland almost 10 years ago after finishing my studies at Copenhagen Business School. If someone would have told me “In 10 years you will be running a small bakery in Zürich” I would have laughed and said “yeaaahh, I don’t think so”. I did however always know that I wanted to start something of my own, and I always admired people who succeeded to make their passion their profession.

I have spent my whole life eating my way through different cities and bringing back inspiration for my own kitchen, cooking up both savoury and sweet feasts (even wedding cakes) for friends, family and colleagues. Most importantly, while studying business in Copenhagen I spent 5 years working at this magical gourmet restaurant Mielcke & Hurtigkarl serving the most amazing food and wine, and it taught me a great deal about how to appreciate the finest ingredients while also making the full dining experience something extremely special. This experience unlocked another level of culinary expertise that I will always be grateful for. 

I always found myself planning full baking weekends with friends where the purpose was to bake complicated cakes and eat for 2 full days, or inviting friends over for dinner just so I had an excuse to bake. My colleagues were also enjoying my cakes on a regular basis when I brought one crazy project after another to the office. Basically, my biggest problem at the time was that I always had cake leftovers and not enough people to give them to.

The Start of WRB

COVID-19 was tough in many ways, but for me – having a full-time job as a Business Developer at an IT company (Trifork) and not much time for cooking and baking – the first lockdown resulted in time for all the kitchen projects I had been wanting to start, very much inspired by my travels abroad, fine dining, my upbringing in Denmark, and all the baking/cooking shows on TV.

In February 2020, I started perfecting the one thing I had missed the most after moving to Switzerland: The Danish cinnamon roll! I spent weeks adjusting the recipe – testing ingredients, adjusting kneading times, proofing times, baking settings, etc. Not to mention: making them plant-based! I remember when I finally reached the perfect recipe and took the first bite. I knew it was the one. Because a cinnamon roll is not just a cinnamon roll. It is this perfect mix between a super fluffy dough, a gooey moist center, a soft hint of cardamom, a burst of cinnamon and brown sugar, and a slightly caramelized bottom. It is dryer on the edges and when you peel off the layers, you end up with this super indulgent and moist center. Yep – I am particular about my cinnamon roll. And when I write “Best cinnamon rolls in town” on Instagram, it is not because I want to pump myself up, but simply because I am convinced that it is hard to find a cinnamon roll in Zürich where a similar attention to detail has been put into this one product – vegan or not.

So here I am today, not owning a gourmet restaurant, but starting something so simple as an online bakery based on Danish baked goods with a fresh and new interpretation. However, everything I experienced at Mielcke & Hurtigkarl definitely influenced my approach to my little startup, and I try to create products of the best quality paying very close attention to the small details and the people I collaborate with. For me, WRB is not only about baking and making people happy through cake. It is also entering the world of food in Zürich, which gives me so much happiness and makes me feel part of a city that I have lived in for a while, but only now feel a true part of.

I can look back at a year that’s been filled with so many small milestones. I gained 5 resellers, attended great events, started amazing collaborations, bought two big gastro machines for my private kitchen, hired a professional baker, grew out of my private kitchen, moved my production to a professional kitchen, and finally launched this website. 

Website Launch

Today is not only a celebration of WRB’s 1-year anniversary. It is also the day I am finally launching the WRB website! It’s been a long time coming, and I hope you will welcome it warmly. Feel free to have a look around, and you also have the possibility of leaving a review of my products… You might even notice that there is a webshop launching soon 😉

Thank you

This coming year I have so many plans for WRB and I can’t wait to share more with you all soon! WRB is definitely a labor of love, and I can’t express how much it means to me that you share the passion for my products. Thank you for being here and thank you for all your support <3

Founder of WRB

Special thank you

All my resellers that I love working with:
Devi Deli göttlich vegan
Hello Vegan
Einmach (also organizer of the PUR MARKT)
Bioladen Vitus (soon to come)

Partners of successful pop-ups and great projects:
Kürzi Kakao
The Beauty Kollective

Mentor and business partner:
Patrick Marxer, Das Pure

Pictures/video and amazing support:

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1 Year of WRB

Can you believe it? 1 year (and some weeks) has passed, and I am only now taking the time to really reflect properly on everything

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